Things You Need to Play Padel

Things You Need to Play Padel

Things You Need to Play Padel

Padel is one of the trendiest sports today and is slowly growing in popularity. Just like any other sport, there are some key things you need to play the sport.

Padel can be played by anyone, and you don't require any experience to begin playing. It is much easier to learn padel compared to tennis, and you only need to improve your eye coordination.

Discover some of the essential items that you need to start playing Padel from the Padel equipment experts at Casas Padel! From balls to rackets, continue reading to find out about the top items that you require to take your game to the next level.

What Equipment Do I Need?

If you're new to the game, you might begin to wonder what equipment is required to play Padel. Below are some of the critical equipment needed to play this fun game.

Padel Balls

The balls used in padel are similar to those used in tennis but differ in their bounce and size. Padel balls are smaller compared to tennis balls and have a pressure of 11psi; tennis balls have a pressure of 14psi. The pressure of the padel ball is reduced to ensure that the ball aligns with the flow and dynamics of the game.

Padel balls are made using felt and rubber to make them durable. They can withstand intense games and the court's surface.

When choosing padel balls, it is essential to consider the surface type. Most indoor courts have a Mondo surface, and most balls used on this surface can last longer compared to those used in outdoor courts. Balls tend to wear faster when played on outdoor courts because the surfaces are made more durable to withstand extreme weather conditions.

When choosing the type of ball to use, it's essential to match it with the court's surface. Choosing the right ball based on the surface is essential for optimizing the game's dynamics and flow.

Padel Racket

A padel racket is the most important equipment you need when playing the game. When choosing a padel racket, it's essential to consider some key factors such as weight balance, head shape, and the material used to make the rackets.

A racket with a head that is diamond-shaped provides players with more weight distribution during strokes and weighs more. It means that a player may find it difficult to control their maneuvers.

A round-head racket allows players to have more control when defending, but they might lose some speed when making strokes. The balance and weight of the racket determine the overall output that you will get when you hit the ball.

Padel Shoes

Some shoes are designed specifically for padel, and they can determine your overall performance. When selecting shoes, it's critical to consider aspects such as absorption, support, and comfort. You need to personalize the selection process to ensure that you get a shoe that meets your needs.

If you have issues like back shins or knee problems, consider selecting shoes that provide you with extra absorption and support. Selecting a shoe that is lighter will allow you to have better stability and flexibility as you move around the court.

If you play two or three times weekly, consider selecting a padel shoe with better shock absorption and one that matches the particular surface that you're playing on.


An overgrip is optional equipment that you might need when playing Padel, and it might make a huge difference to your game. An overgrip will help you have a firmer grip on your racket, improving your performance so that you can consistently make better strokes.

Invest in Quality Padel Equipment to Enhance Your Performance

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Investing in high-quality equipment is a must if you're serious about improving your Padel game. Casas Padel provides a range of gear, including rackets, shoes, and accessories, designed to optimize your performance and elevate your gameplay to new heights.

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