Adidas Padel Racket Metalbone 3.3
Adidas Padel Racket Metalbone 3.3
Adidas Padel Racket Metalbone 3.3
Adidas Padel Racket Metalbone 3.3

Adidas Padel Racket Metalbone 3.3

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The official padel racket of Ale Galan! Ranked #1 top padel player!

The METALBONE 3.3 is a top-of-the-line padel racket equipped with advanced technologies to improve your game.

It features the OCTAGONAL STRUCTURE, which increases the racket's rigidity for more consistent shot-making. The SPIN BLADE system on the racket's surface allows for greater control over shots. The WEIGHT AND BALANCE SYSTEM allows you to adjust the weight of the racket by up to 12 grams and customize its balance to your liking. The ALUMINIZED CARBON surface and EVA SOFT PERFORMANCE rubber offer a powerful yet comfortable playing experience. This technology is exclusive to the Metalbone line


Racket FaceCarbon Aluminized 2 to 1
Shape: Diamond
Weight: 345-360 grams
Core: Eva Soft Performance
Playstyle: Balanced

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Adidas Metalbone 3.2 Ale Galan with the Metalbone 3.2 padel racket
Metalbone Weight and Balance System
Weight & Balance System

The Weight & Balance System allows you to customize your racket to suit your playing style for each match. This technology consists of a set of screws with varying weights on the racket's bridge, which can be used to adjust the balance of the racket. If the weights are left on, the balance of the racket will be towards the lower-middle part, providing greater control. If the screws are removed, the weight is reduced, raising the balance and making the racket more suited for an offensive style of play.

Octogonal Structure

Octogonal Structure is a technology found in the frame and core of the racket. It involves an eight-corner carbon tube that reinforces the racket's structure, providing increased rigidity and resistance to twisting. This technology allows for more power in your game and a consistent, high-performance feel, making it ideal for aggressive players.

Spin Blade Technology

The Octogonal Spind Blade is a feature of the racket that is designed to improve the feel of contact with the ball and enhance the effectiveness of your shots. It is integrated into the two sides of the racket.

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