Decoding the Language of Padel: A Comprehensive Guide

Decoding the Language of Padel: A Comprehensive Guide

Padel is an exciting, accessible sport that combines the fun of tennis and squash. Usually played in doubles on an enclosed court that is around 1/3 the size of a tennis court, Padel involves a tennis ball and stringless rackets. The ball can bounce off the walls at any point but can only hit the court once before a point is called. This exciting game is based as much on strategy as it is on technique and strength, making it an ideal game for players of all ages.

Before you begin playing Padel, you may want to make sure that you understand the sport and the terms that are commonly used to describe play. Take a look at our basic Padel glossary and the terms often used throughout the game as you learn to understand shots taken and how they influence the game as a whole.

Padel Terms You Need to Know

There are a variety of terms used to describe play in Padel. By familiarizing yourself with those terms, you can get ahead of the game, understand calls, and better understand the sport as you expand your skills.

Forehand: A forehand strike occurs when the player hits the ball on their dominant side. The dominant hand is generally responsible for managing shots and swinging the racket, while the non-dominant hand helps calculate the movement of the ball and its position on the court.

Backhand: A backhand strike occurs when the player hits the ball on the non-dominant side.

Down-the-line: A down-the-line shot goes parallel to the sidelines very close to them. It never crosses the center line of the court.

Drop shot: A drop shot is an offensive shot that is generally conducted over a short distance. It does not involve much force but focuses instead on a high degree of precision.

Bandeja: A bandeja is a specific Padel shot that relies on an overhead swing somewhere between a smash and a forehand. It is a highly difficult shot that can prove challenging for players to master, so it may need to be practiced on a regular basis in order to reach proficiency.

Half-volley: A half-volley is a defensive shot that stops balls from bouncing right before a player's feet. Half-volley shots occur more commonly in Padel than in tennis due to the tendency to shoot toward a player's feet.

Smash: A smash is an aggressive overhead shot, often hard and fast.

Lob: A lob shot aims to push a ball far into the opponent's court, encouraging significant movement from the opponents and often resulting in a point.

By 3 (Por Tres): "By 3" refers to hitting the ball three times consecutively before it goes over the net. This is often used in defensive situations where players are trying to keep the ball in play and regain control of the point.

By 4 (Por Cuatro): "By 4" refers to hitting the ball four times consecutively before it goes over the net. This is also used in defensive situations, typically when a player is trying to buy time and set up a more strategic shot.

Chiquita: A Chiquita is a type of drop shot that is executed with a small tap, usually performed when the opponent is near the net. It requires finesse and precision to execute effectively and catch opponents off guard.

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As Padel becomes increasingly popular, more people are engaging in it, refining their techniques, and learning more about everything this exciting opportunity has to offer. Are you interested in learning more about the sport, staying ahead of the game, and learning about what it has to offer? Are you intrigued by Padel and the chance to get out on the court? Stay ahead of the game with Casas Padel.

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